Soporte Técnico
TFT, su socio de membrana
Microfiltración|Ultrafiltración|Nanofiltración Membrana Cerámica
Separación, clarificación, purificación y concentración de membranas en procesos industriales
Soporte Técnico
WIth 20years of membrane technology experience in process industry, TFT has a skilled team who is waiting for your call to offer tecnical support and service . TFT has a data base of hundreds of successful cases by ceramic membranes in different industries.  We are willing share our experience on membrane technology with our clients and business partners. We hope to  introdce this innovative technology into modern industries , creating more value for both endusers and distributors.

Do not hesitate to contact with us for more details for followings issues:
● CRM Membrane technical data sheets
● Operation manual for membrane system
● Documentations for membrane system design
● Technical datas for product processing
● Details of cases study
● Market information of related products
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Or póngase en contacto directamente con TFT para obtener más detalles sobre las membranas cerámicas si tiene alguna pregunta.
Tel: (+86) 25 8680 4049 , Email: info@tftfluid.com
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