Suministro de agua
Suministro de agua
In recent years, ceramic membrane are more and more applied for municiple water treatment, even its investment is much higher than normal polymeric hollow fiber membrane. Compared with hollow fiber membrane, ceramic membrane can keep on running for many years without any risk of membrane damage. Flux of CRM membrane can keep at a stable point. And it is very easy for ordinary people to carry out daily maintenance for a ceramic membrane system .
What's more, ceramic membrane can be designed as a combined skid-mounted unit for country side portable water supply. It can offer a safe and reliable water supply for drinking purpose.

Process Advantage:
● High rejection for SS
● High rejection for baterial
● Stable and high filtration flux
● Safe material
● Easy pretreatment before CRM membrane
● Easy maintenance
● Long worklife
● Compact design

Successful Cases:
● Turbid Surface water 
● Special Purpose Water Supply
● Emergency water supply
CRM Membrane for High Turbidity Water Treatment
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